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Fourth Annual Capture the Flag “Hacker” Challenge

Published October 2, 2023No Comments
ITS invites all students to test your skills in the third annual Capture the Flag “Hacker” Challenge.   The winner will also have their name placed on the cherished Eckerd Hacker of the Year trophy that sits outside of the ITS front desk as well as prizes provided by ITS and our challenge sponsors, Extreme Networks and PCS USA.

We set up this challenge to raise awareness about Cyber Security.  October is National Cyber Security Month. Read more at security-awareness-month

The Challenge
Hidden on this website, security are clues for how you can claim the prize.  There is a very specific way the prize must be claimed.  You will need to discover how to do that. 

You do not need to exploit anything to crack the code. Open-source software or free tools is all that is required.  We are always, always impressed by how fast you all are! However, we will send out additional clues if needed. 

Good luck!