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Welcome to myEckerd

A portal for the Eckerd College internal community.

Operational Status

  • Currently fully operational
    Eckerd College is fully operational at this time. In case of an emergency, an alert will be issued and information will be posted here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Experience?

Experience is Eckerd’s dashboard for displaying data personal to the user that is logged in. Experience has a series of “cards” that will display to the user based on their roles at Eckerd.


For example, Students have a “Classes” card that displays the upcoming class schedule, where as Employees will have a Leave Balance card that displays how much leave is available to them.

How do I change my home page cards in Experience?

Cards in Experience are found in the Discover pages, where you can browse and search all your available cards. Links to the Discover page can be found at the bottom of the home page, or by clicking the Hamburger menu button in the top left corner and clicking the Discover link from there.

Once on the Discover page, you can add or remove a card from your home page by clicking the bookmark icon in the top right of every card. Filled in bookmark icons indicate that the card is on your home page, whereas unfilled bookmark icons indicate that they are not. Some cards also have three dots, which when clicked will show extra options specific to that card

What is myEckerd?

myEckerd is a public landing page for all members of the Eckerd community. While Experience is focused on displaying information that is personally relevant to the user, myEckerd displays information for someone who might be a part of Eckerd but not have an email account to use Experience. For example, guardians of students at Eckerd looking for the proxy access link, or vendors looking to access the guest Wi-Fi.

What is Student Locator?

Student Locator is a series of forms that faculty can use to learn more about students, classes, and more. Student Locator is only available to certain employees who can access it via a link on their “Employee Quick Links” card in Experience. Student Locator forms are built in Eckerd’s reporting tool Argos, which pulls data directly from our database and then displays it on a webpage.

How do I find...?

Resources are available in Experience, divided up by what department manages the resource. For example, the Meal Plan link would be found under the “Food Services” card, and Textbook Reservations would be found under the “Bookstore” card. Resources are displayed based on roles, so only links relevant to your roles will be shown. There is also a “Resources” card that can be used to see all resources available to you, as well as search and browse by department.

I still need help!

We’re happy to help! Please create a new help ticket for us by sending an email to, or by using this form to submit a ticket directly to our help desk.

You also can browse through our help desk articles to see if there is anything that might be able to help you there as well.